Science unit

So, I am teaching a science unit about the properties of matter. We have talked about characteristics of each of the states of matter (solids, liquids and gases). I have taught this unit for many years. Many of my students have always found it quite dry and boring.

This year, since I got my SMARTBoard, this unit has come to life for my students. Even something as simple as providing colour pictures of the examples I use has made this unit exciting. In the past, I had students stick a card into the correct category, today, my students moved pictures of objects into the correct categories. They were answering questions, raising their hands to give answers… They were even disappointed when they couldn’t “prove” that they knew their stuff because I didn’t have enough pictures to move!!! They were explaining their reasoning too! (It is one of the requirements for them coming to the board.)

I created a series of four lessons and reviews to use for this unit. Today was just the first. Hopefully the rest will go as well!

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