My progress

So, I set up a WikiSpace today for my parents. I have been sending out links that I find to my parents by email, and inevitably they delete the email and then ask for the links again. This goes for some of the assignments. To combat this, I set up this WikiSpace. It was very easy!

It is kind of hard to believe that four months again, I really had no idea how to use a SMARTBoard, no idea what SMARTNotebook was, no idea what a wikispace was and had no idea how blogs worked (although, I did know that they existed!) I have come such a long way! The only reason that I know about these things is because I have the technology at my fingertips now! We always say that our students become more motivated to learn new things when they see where they can apply it. It seems to be the same for teachers. I could have learned all these things before now, but because I have the means to use it on a regular basis, I am more motivated to learn!

This motivation and urge to learn has also spread to my students! Today, one of my students came to me and told me that they had downloaded a 30-day trial of SMARTNotebook so that he could create a presentation for the class! AMAZING!

So, all my board members out there… When you are looking at continued funding for this project, amazing things are happening!

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