A whole world out there…

So, through my adventures on Twitter, I came across a Facebook group called TEACHERS LOVE SMARTBOARDS. I became a fan and was given a free download for a smartboard application called “combination safe”. This is a notebook application that has a combination lock and a math question. You answer the math question using the combination lock. If you get the correct answer, the safe will open! You can set the question and the answer. Fom this page, I was also referred to a podcast called GET SMART WITH SMARTBOARDS. This is a free download from iTunes. So far, there are 8 episodes. I downloaded all 8, but have only listened to the first. It is full of neat information. There is also a website to go with it that has all the links they talk about in the podcast. Also from the Facebook group, I found out about some teacher training online. It has many lessons for use in the classroom as well as accompanying videos to show how to use them!

I am just so grateful that I applied for this program and that I was accepted.

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