PD Day

I spent the day with the other SMARTBoard teachers today. This morning we reviewed our goals for the project and were given time to work on responding to blog questions, updating our own blogs, and sharing what we are already doing with others. During the afternoon, we had a presenter speak to Inquiry Based learning. The last hour was dedicated to my own colleagues sharing what they do. This, to me, was the most valuable and inspiring part of the day.

First I learned about SUMO Paint. I was absolutely tickled with the kaleidoscope function! I was like a giggly 8-yr old playing around with it! Not at all sure how I could use it with my students, but it was fun none-the-less.

We then learned about webbly. This teacher had his students become experts on a science topic in their unit, create a website about this information, then created a class webquest to learn the unit. A neat project, but a little beyond my little ones.

We saw how a high school teacher used a wiki to share her lessons with students for absent students or just for review. I have sent up my own wiki to share information with my parents.

My goal coming out of today, aside from the collaboration I spoke of earlier with my colleague, was to get my kids slowly blogging. I created a blog tonight on which I posted a question. I am hoping in the next week to have my students respond to this question by commenting on my blog. It would be ideal to have my students blog once a week about their learning in my classroom. Lofty dreams, but not unreachable! kcassidy (http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?blogger_id=1337, http://primarypreoccupation.wordpress.com/) can get her grade 1 students blogging, I should be able to get my grade 3s going!

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