Well, I’ve been sick this week. I have had to make several day plans and have had a lot of time on my hands. This had led me to two realizations.

The first is that I have successfully integrated my SMARTBoard into my daily lessons so seamlessly that I didn’t even realize how much I use it until I had to plan for a teacher who would not have access to my laptop. I am using it for science and math almost every lesson, plus other lessons here and there, and for other topics that might come up during the day. Our last inservice was about inquiry learning. Although I don’t plan inquiry learning, the SMARTBoard has allowed me to explore my students’ questions as they come up.

The second thing I have discovered is what a world of learning there is available out there! I have had time to explore blogs, Twitter, and other classroom projects that I might not have had time to discover otherwise. I participated in an EdChat with hundreds of other educators about what is essential for our students to learn (besides curricular outcomes) in this day in age. There is an article written about the benefits of Twitter and #EdChat that I came across

One of my esteemed colleagues online said “I have learned more in a few short weeks from my Twitter PLN (Professional Learning Network) than in many workshops I have attended. I feel like I am learning every day, and also that I am beginning to be able to contribute to my real-life colleagues in Regina Catholic by passing on links that I have come across to other teachers, and to my online colleagues with my own knowledge.

It is all very exciting. I have talked a little bit to my students about what I have learned. I think that my enthusiasm for learning is apparent and contageous for my students as well. This much was evident when they had their first blogging experience to tell me what they had learned during this science unit. (

How exciting!

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