Week 2 of the #bookaday challenge

Well, I’ve managed to keep up my goal so far!  It has been absolutely amazing to be a part of this group of readers on Twitter.  I get motivated by reading the progress of the others either through their blogs or on Twitter.  When I started feeling like I was struggling through my adult reads, I got support, cheer-leaders, and suggestions of other books to read as a break.  Here is a continued list of books that I have read during week 2 of the challenge.  I have decided to include a little description of the book this week too.


Sunday, July 4 ~ Third Grade Detectives #2 – The Puzzle of the Pretty Pink Handkerchief, by George E. Stanley, 62 pages

This series is great if you are teaching grade 3.  The students always love books when they are the same age as the characters in the book.  This book, as with the whole series, presents a mystery to to solve.  The students in the class, with the help, hints, and guidance of their teacher and his friend, a forensic scientist with the police, solve the mysteries.  Kids who like codes are sure to love this series.  This particular book is about a pink handkerchief that was left in the main character’s tree house while the students were at school.  They work together to find out who was sneaking into the tree house while he was at school.

pretty pink


Monday, July 5 ~ Dans la maison hantée by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, 26 pages

This is a cute little book set at Halloween.  It is a repeating pattern book that is similar to the “What’s in your suitcase” game where each previous line is repeated and one new line added each time.  They go through all the characters that you might find in a haunted house and what they might be doing.  After the first time a line is used, the word for the character is replaced with a picture in the repetitions.  This is a great book to read to the students around Halloween to instroduce and work with vocabulary: both Halloween nouns and verbs.

maison hantee


Tuesday, July 6 ~ Surf’s Up, Geronimo!, by Geronimo Stilton, 111 pages

Geronimo Stilton was a huge hit in my classroom last year.  My kids devoured the books, but I’m a little embarassed to say that I hadn’t actually read a single one!  So, it was time.  I can see the appeal to the kids.  The use of font and colour in the text itself to emphasize meaning is a very attractive feature.  There are lots of colour drawings and yet, you still feel like you are reading a chapter book.  In this particular Geronimo book, the main character is tricked into a vacation that he wasn’t quite expecting.  He suffers all sorts of funny mishaps.  It was quite cute.

surf's up


Wednesday, July 7 ~ Alex, le petit joueur de hockey, by Gilles Tibo, 32 pages

This is the story of a little boy who dreams of having his own hockey geal, especially his own jersey.  He explains what would happen to the world and how it would be a better place if we all wore our own hockey jersey.  It is definately cute and again, a great book to use to teach hockey vocabulary in French.



Thursday, July 8 ~ Lost & Found by Jean Little, 68 pages

Two years ago, I had the priviledge to meet Jean Little when she came to talk to our students about the writing process and her books.  She talked about this book in particular.  It is about a young girl who has moved to a new house in a new neighbourhood and is very lonely.  She finds a dog on the street and wants to keep it, but it is obviously someone’s dog.  It is a cute story.



Friday, July 9 ~ L’inconnue du grenier, by Rose Impey, 40 pages

This book is a cute story about a boy and his friend who try to do many things to scare the boy’s little sister.  They are not so good at scaring the little girl, though.  In the end, there is a twist to this cute story.  I thought initially that this would be a good book for my grade 3s.  Unfortunately, the vocabulary and the expressions used in this book are too difficult for a grade 3 FLS student.  Still, a cute read.

inconnue du grenier


Saturday, July 10 ~ Cam Jansen – The Mystery of the Monster Movie, by David A. Adler, 58 pages

I like the Cam Jansen series.  This is not the first that I have read in this series.  This series reminds me a bit of the Encyclopedia Brown series that I read when I was little.  I like the fact that the clues to solve the mystery are there if you pay attention.  This particular mystery is about a missing movie reel.  Cam, using her photographic memory, helps to solve the mystery.  This is a great series for grade 3 students.

monster movie


Adult books I have been reading this week, but are not done:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson



19 Minutes, by Jodi Piccoult

19 minutes

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  2. Congratulations on keeping up with your goal! There are some great books on this line up, some of my students favorites!