Week 3 of the #bookaday challenge

We are now day 20 of my holidays and I have read 21 books.  I am really proud of myself for all the reading that I have done.  Next week I should be able to keep up the reading, but the following week I am away for holidays and will have plenty of work to do as I am part of a wedding party for my sister-in-law.  I hope that I can keep it up!  Anyway, here are this week’s selections.

 Sunday, July 11th ~ “Drôle de cadeau” by Fanny Joly, 47 pages

11 - droleThis is the story of a little girl who wants to give her dad a special gift for Father’s Day.  She makes a gift at school but feels that it isn’t good enough.  She tries to make various things but nothing is good enough.  Finally, she is given a free kitten to give her dad.  I kept expecting her to go back to the gift that she made at school since much of the beginning of the book was focused on the making of this gift and because it was hinting at the “parents will love whatever you make with love” lesson, but it never does.  The vocabulary is also much too difficult for my grade 3 French Immersion students but the storyline would be much to baby for older students.





Monday, July 12th ~ “Mrs. Dole is Out of Control” by Dan Gutman, 103 pages12 - Mrs Dole

This is book one of the “My Weird School DAZE.”  This is a very funny book that my students would really like.  It is about a crazy PTA parent who makes things crazy at school.  The only draw-back to this book is the references made to the books in the first series by Dan Gutman: My Weird School…  If you haven’t read that series, this book might become kind of frustrating to read.  I wonder if it is just because it is the first book in the series.  I’ll have to read another one from this series to check it out.






13 - dents perduesTuesday, July 13th ~ “Le club des dents perdues” by Gilles Tibo, 16 pages

This is a cute little story about kids who lose their teeth.  It may be a little young for my grade 3s, but it is a good review of some basic house and body vocabulary as well as a good book to use when studying word choice in writing.



Wednesday, July 14 ~ “Lunch Lady and the Author Visit Vendetta” by Jarrett J. Krosoczka, 95 pages14 - lunch lady and the author visit vendetta

This graphic novel is one of the first I have ever read.  I actually laughed out loud when reading this book.  It had a great story and good writing.  This story is about an author who visits schools to do author talks and suddenly the phys. ed. teacher goes missing.  Can the Lunch Lady and her crew figure out what happened?  When I read this book, I was reading a library copy.  I have since purchased this book and one other from the Lunch Lady series.  (See Sunday, July 18th)






15 - enorme navetThursday, July 15th ~ “L’énorme navet” by Katie Daynes, based on the story by Alexis Tolstoï, 45 pages

This is a cute story that is repetitive so that the students can join in during a read aloud.  The story itself is very simple, but the book could be great to use as an example of using different words that mean the same thing to make a story more interesting.  As each subsequent character holds on and helps pull, a different verb is used.  I will definitely be using this as part of my writer’s workshop.



Friday, July 16th ~ “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella” by Stephenie Meyer, 178 pages16 - short second life

I was sucked in by the Twilight Saga, so although this isn’t a grade 3 read, it is no surprise that I was sucked into this novella.  I have always loved books that make me love or hate its characters.  This book is no different.  I fell in love with Bree, Diego and, surprisingly Fred, hated Raoul and Victoria, and alternated between hating and pitying Riley.  If you are a Twilight fan, it is definitely word a read!







17 - boisson des championsSaturday, July 17th ~ “Le boisson des champions” by Danielle Simard, 16 pages

Unfortunately, I didn’t like this book at all.  The story had potential, but it jumps from one event to another with no transitions at all.  The only way that I would use this book in my class is as a poor example of connecting story elements and maybe in a lesson on the process of workshopping a piece of writing to fill in the gaps to make the writing better.






Sunday, July 18th (Book 1) ~ “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins, 374 pages18a - hunger games

Wow.  This book is INSTENSE.  Now, I am a slow reader.  I love reading and I read often, and most of the time, the fact that I am a slow reader doesn’t bother me.  This book, however, caused me grief about the speed of my reading.  It pulled me in right away and I couldn’t read it fast enough.  I wanted to finish it right away.  I just wanted to get it done!  I had trouble breathing at some parts, like a really good suspense movie and at one part I was crying so hard that I had to put the book down to gather myself.  This book came highly recommended, which I sometimes take with a grain of salt, but they were not kidding!  This book was truly amazing.  I can’t wait to get Book #2 in the series: Catching Fire.





18b - lunch lady and the league of librarians

Sunday, July 18th (Book 2) ~ “Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians” by Jarrett J. Krosoczka, 95 pages

Again, another well written story with good vocabulary.  This book is about a group of librarians who are setting up for the Book Fair, but they have ulterior motives.  Can Lunch Lady and her crew solve the mystery?  Those librarians can truly be EVIL!!!  (Haha!  I do know a few who might be just a little bit evil!)



3 thoughts on “Week 3 of the #bookaday challenge

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  2. I am impressed with your perseverance in keeping this blog up-to-date. Every week it becomes more valuable, I will definitely pass the link along to the librarians in our French immersion schools so that they can peruse your book reviews.
    I enjoy your writing style, by the way.
    A great professional contribution.

  3. Excellent job keeping up with your goal! I love this idea. It is a great way to identify with students, and better understand them as you watch their library choices. I found some new books in your list that I must check out. Thanks!