The #bookaday challenge ~ Week 5

Monday, July 26th ~ “Little Miss Sunshine” by Roger Hargreaves, 32 pages

26 - Little Miss Sunshine

When I saw this book at the library, it brought back all sorts of memories.  I used to love this series.  There are cute characters who always teach us a lesson.  This particular book is about a happy young lady who teaches a miserable king the advantages of being cheerful.  I think the physical size of the book might be a little troublesome in my classroom library, but given their own basket, I would love to have the whole series!


Tuesday, July 27th (Book #1) ~ Perline Pompette, by Dominique Demers, 32 pages

27 1 - Perline Pompette 

This is a cute story about a little girl whose parents treat her like a princess.  She grows up being spoiled, though her parents are not rich.  She run into a little trouble when she goes to school and the others think that she is quite odd.  Up until the very end of this book, I really liked it.  The ending, although not terrible, seems out of place with the story.  The boys will probably not like this one as it talks of princesses and love.


Tuesday, July 27th (Book 2) ~ The Summer Before, by Ann M. Martin, 215 pages

 27 2 - Summer Before

For those of you who grew up on the Babysitter’s Club and found kinship with Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia and Stacey, this book is for you.  In her most recent BSC book, Ann M. Martin brings us back to the summer before the BSC was formed we learn how it came to be.  The characters are as loveable as ever and they are all just different enough that everyone can find a bit of themselves in at least one of these girls.  I loved it!  A special THANK YOU goes out to Alyson Beecher (@alybee930) from Kid Lit Frenzy through which I won this book.  Without that, I probably would never have been known about this book.


 Wednesday, July 28th ~ Summer Reading is Killing Me!, by Jon Scieszka, 73 pages

28 - Summer Reading

I picked this one up entirely based on the title.  I have read books from “The Time Warp Trio” series before, and my students seem to like this series.  Also, last year, some of my more advanced readers fell in love with the Ink Heart series and with the idea of book characters coming to life.  Since then, I have been looking for a book with similar themes but at easier reading levels.  This book seems to answer that need.  What I really love about this book is that the book characters are from actual published are from actual published “classics.”  The author provides the reading list at the end of the book.  I think it would make a meat library project to read this book as a read aloud and to see how many books the kids can find on their own, or to see how many we can read during the year…  I really liked this book.


 Thursday, July 29th ~ Monsieur Popotame, by Gérard Moncomble, 23 pages

29 - Monsieur Popotame

This is a cute little book fromt the “Benjamin” series.  The story is one of accepting people as they are, without trying to change them.  Aside from the storyline, which I quite like, this book is really good for a few other reasons.  The first is that it has a mini glossary that explains some of the more difficult words and expressions.  Another reason I liked this book is that part of the story is told through the illustrations.  By grade 3, some of my readers think that pictures are for babies.  I like to remind them of the beauty and the value of good illustrations can have for a story.  Finally, I like this book because it could serve as an introduction to the use of alliteration and word play in writing to add interest as the characters in this book have names like Bill Boa and Odile Croco.  Overall, I really liked this book.


 Friday, July 30th ~ Big Worry in Wonderland, by Carolyn Keene, 69 pages

30 - big worry in wonderland

This book is from the “Nancy Drew Notebooks” series.  This is a junior Nancy Drew book.  The characters are in grade 3, which is perfect for my students!  They always love it when characters are their own age.  This particular story is about a missing hat.  The hat belongs to the boy playing in the Mad Hatter in the class play of Alice in Wonderland.  In this story, Nancy learns the value of friends and she also tries to teach the value of proof.  Having a hunch does not give you permission to accuse someone.  I particularly liked this lesson because in grade 3, the accusations fly all over the place!  “He stole my eraser.”  “She stole my pencil.”  “Someone stole my agenda.”  Overall, I liked this book.  It wasn’t fantastic, but I did like it.  I do have one question for those of you who have read any books from this series: Is George a girl or a boy?  I thought George was a boy until, on page 63 when talking about Nancy, Bess and George, the author writes: “The girls whirled around.”  What do you think?


Saturday, July 31st ~ Max et Tom by Gilles Tibo, 16 pages

31 - Max et Tom

Today is my sister-in-law’s wedding day, and I am in the wedding party.  (Yipee!)  So, I picked a short, easy read for today.  I picked this one up initially because a handful of my students will still be at a grade one reading level in French when they get to my class in grade three.  It turns out that this book has great potential as a teaching tool in my writing lessons.  I’ve always had difficulty finding good texts to use when teaching point-of-view and voice in writing.  This book could serve as an intro to this.  The story is told from the point of view of a dog.  The words are carefully chosen to support this point of view.  For example, the dog says: In the house, there is a mom, and a dad to show that they are not his parents.  It is a cute book that I will probably pick up for my classroom.


 Sunday, August 1st ~ The Wrong Book, by Nick Bland, 32 pages

01 - the wrong book

I was walking down the street of beautiful Waterton and came across a bookstore.  I picked up this book and started to flip through it.  I laughed out loud in the store!  I bought it because I just loved it!  It is a very cute book.  This is a book that I would use as a read aloud.  It is repetitive so the kids can join in in parts.  I would use this book to teach predicting and using pictures to make predictions.  I LOVED this book!

3 thoughts on “The #bookaday challenge ~ Week 5

  1. I still need to finish The Summer Before. I met Ann Martin during her last book tour. She is one of the shyest people I’ve ever met.

    Have you read the BSC graphic novels?

  2. I have not! I didn’t even know they existed! I guess it is one more thing that I have to add to my TBR list!!!