My #bookaday update ~ Week 6

Monday, August 2nd ~ “Le monstre de l’espace”, by Marc Cantin, 23 pages

02 - Monstre dans l'espace

This book was okay.  The story is sorely lacking, in my opinion, but there are a few redeeming qualities about this format of this book.  The front cover provides an outline of story elements: main characters, setting, and genre.  The back cover provides a glossary of difficult terms.  Aside from that, the story is simple and funny, but nothing special.


Tuesday, August 3rd ~ “Kristy’s Great Idea” (186 pages) and “The Truth about Stacey” (141 pages), both by Raina Telgemeier, based on stories by Ann M. Martin

  03 - Kristy's great idea            03 - The Truth about Stacey

I just started reading graphic novels this summer.  After posting last week’s update which included my review of Ann M. Martin’s “The Summer Before,” John Schu, a K-5 librarian whose opinions I have grown to really respect, suggested reading the graphic novel versions of four Baby-Sitters Club books.  I immediately requested all four books from our public library, then found these two today when I stopped by.  I was again, as with The Summer Before, instantly drawn into the stories.  Raina Telgemeier draws the four girls almost exactly as I pictured them.  The stories are nothing new if you have read the BSC books, but I loved them all the same!  I feel Mary Anne’s frustration with her dad and her struggle to balance wanting to stay a little girl and be responsible, Kristy’s confusion with her mother’s relationship with Watson and her struggle with doing the right things, Claudia’s need for independance and indivisuality being challenged by her need to maintain friendships and Stacey’s need to understand and control her disease and wanting to share it with her friends with her experiences in New York.  I LOVED these books and can’t wait for the other two to come!


Wednesday, August 4th ~ “Les cochons sont-ils rayés?” (28 pages) and “Les singes savent-ils chanter?” (28 pages), both by Melanie Walsh

04 - les cochons sont-ils rayes04 - les singes savent-ils chanter

These are both French translations of English books, but I really liked them none-the-less.  They are both books that would introduce the students to some new vocabulary while using vocab they already know.  Both books follow the same format:  Silly question, NO, Correct answer, until the end when it poses a correct question.  Along the way, the first book introduces the students to animals while using physical descriptions and the second book introduces animals using the sounds that they make.  In the second book, I even learned a few new words!  I would absolutely love to use these books as the basis for a writing lesson at the beginning of the year when we are learning/reviewing how to write complete sentences and questions/answers!  I know there are two more books in this series in English, I wonder if they are available in French as well…  I guess I need to find out!

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