A good day into a great day… Blessings
Tuesday September 07th 2010, 7:09 pm
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It is the second week of school and I am pretty excited about it.  I have to admit, the first week is not my favourite.  I feel like I do most of the talking, setting the routines and procedures, showing and telling how I like things done and run in my class, and even being a bit on the “mean” side about it.  It has served me well over the years, with well behaved and well run classrooms.  However, I much prefer the second and third weeks when we get to start learning together, sharing, exploring, asking questions and finding answers. 

So, I was looking forward to today.  As per usual, when I am looking forward to something, I didn’t sleep very well last night.  I went to work feeling tired and sluggish, but still looking forward to getting going.  The day went well.  It was a good day.  My kids were engaged, and sharing, and learning…  There were no tears with my first math diagnostic like there were last year…  The kids were up and using the SMARTBoard…  It was a good day.

But, three things happened today to turn it into a great day.  The first is that at least four different people told me that I looked good today and that I had really nice legs.  It kept me smiling all day!  Then, the second thing that happened: in the last hour of the day, my principal called me into her office and asked if she could share some of my work with another teacher because it was so well layed out, and spent 20 minutes asking about how I planned and asked for advice to share with another teacher on staff.  I felt just peachy keen!  Wow, to be asked to share my stuff by my principal, what an honour.  Then, this evening, I got home to find a message from my former intern from 4 years ago.  She said that when things don’t go well with her class, she often things of me and the encouragement that I gave her.  She thanked me and wanted me to know that I made a difference…  Wow.  Another great honour to hear.

So, I started thinking about other good things that have happened this year already in such a short time…  First, the director of my school division shared the story about me that I blogged about here in his first Communique of the year.  So, I have been congratulated many times over.  Then, I developed a French writing unit about Narrative Texts that I shared with some other teachers.  I received very good feedback from it.  In fact, our Learning Resource teacher said that she loved it so much that she would love to team teach it with me! 

I have felt so blessed in my job so far this year!  What has made you feel blessed?