Using Twitter to learn

So, my husband uses Twitter to connect with sports fans.  I thought, I wonder what’s out there about education and SMARTBoards.  I started searching and came across a few sites that I would share with you…

The first is for sites K-5.  I have done a bit of surfing through it and it seems pretty good.

Another site that is organized by subject…

I hope to continue finding new resources.  I hope to find some French resources as well.  These are all English resources.  We’ll see!

Teaching time

I am teaching time right now. Normally, I have a clock face whose hands I have to move myself. I have always found that I lose many of my students in the time that it takes to move the hands.

I have now taught two lessons using the SMART Board. Through both lessons, my students have been engaged and focused until the end. They have wanted to try telling time as well as were cheering on their classmates when they found the correct answers! It has been a real joy teaching a concept that I haven’t always enjoyed teaching!

Talking to an Optometrist

I went to visit my sister this weekend who is an optometrist. She asked me if at anytime in my training we talked about the size of font that should be used when making our presentations. I said no.

She proceeded to tell me that in the last couple of years, she has been seeing more and more students who come in complaining that they can’t see the board. These students have better than 20/20 vision. When asked if it is a whiteboard or SMARTBoard, the answer is always the latter.

She suggested to me the font should be at least 26 and that we should follow the powerpoint rule of no more than 6 lines to a page.

It is interesting to think about…

First lesson

I taught my first lesson today.  It was a math lesson about greater than, less than, and equal to.  It went fairly well.  The students were super excited and very involved.  They were excited to come up to the board and it made the “work” of it seem easier.  I had all the students involved and talking, in French!  It was awesome!  I realized, however, that the lesson took a lot longer than I anticipated.  Some of the students, towards the end of the lesson, were losing interest as other students were up at the board. 

So, I suppose that the lesson with the SMART board, even though it is very exciting to the students, cannot be longer than a normal lesson, and yet, takes longer to teach. 

I am still super excited, as are the kids.  I am looking forward to finding new lessons to teach.

Day 1 Training…

So, this past Tuesday I had my first day of training for my new SMART board.  It was extremely overwhelming, but at the same time, very motivating.  I had no idea all the wonderful resources that were already out there to support educating our students. 

I had since done some searching of the pre-made applications and lessons.  I created the balloon popping attendance list for my students the next day and they were so pumped.  I also used the group generator and it was the first time that I not only did not receive any grumblings about the groups, but there was a general excitement about working with the person that the SMART board assigned for them!!!

Next Tuesday, I am going to try my first curriculum based lesson.  It is a math lesson based on greater than, less than and equal to.  I am hoping that the excitement for the technology will transfer to excitement for the math.  Also, today we had a speaker at our Institute (Dr. Anthony Mohamed) who talked about losing the boys about grade 4 because of the loss of Kinesis in our lessons.  Hopefully this will activate the motivation in all students who need to move to learn…

More to follow!