“Voice” from a reader’s perspective

“Voice” is generally associated with the 6+1 Traits Writing program.  I’ve never actually thought of it from a reader’s perspective before until this week.

This summer, I read “The Hunger Games”.  I loved it.  I was immediately taken in by the characters, the drama, the emotion of the book…  I loved the book.  I recommended it to my husband who is also a reader.  He generally doesn’t read Teen Lit.  It took a while and a few twitter recommendations from people who were not me, but he picked up the book this week.  He had it done within two days.  He loved it too.  However, his interests in the book were completely different than mine.  His first interest lie in the geography of the book.  The references to North American geography peaked his interest enough to ask me questions, look at maps, search the internet for further information while I didn’t even notice them.

That got me thinking about my own teaching.  When I talk about books in my class, do I think about the difference “Voices” of my readers?  I know that I try to find books for all their reading interests, but have I ever looked at one book and tried to see the different voices within it?  The answer is No, I haven’t.  However, I AM interested in trying to have that discussion some time.

My teacher librarian and I have talked about trying to establish a book blog.  A place where students could post reviews of books in our library and others could search, read and comment, or post their own reviews for the books.  I wonder if that could be a forum for these “Voice of the Reader” discussions.

What do you think?  Have you ever had these discussions with your students?  Can you share your ideas?

Thanks for reading.