Where are all the readers? (Part deux)

Last week, I was priviledged enough to be a part of my sister-in-law’s wedding in beautiful Waterton National Park. 


The week before I left for my vacation, Tess Alfonsin (AKA Reading Countess) wrote a blog entry called “Where Are All The Readers?”  You can read it here.  As I packed my suitcase and backpack full of clothes, shoes, and many many books, I was determined to see how many readers I could see on our trip.

Well, Tess, out and about, I saw one child with a book and one adult with a book.  However, it was interesting to look a little deeper.  During my trip, I had the opportunity to stop in a bookstore in a little tourist town that is four square blocks.  I, of course, picked up many non-fiction books for my classroom about animals.  However, there must have been at least 5-6 families buying books while I was in there.  So, while I didn’t see them reading, they must have been reading those books somewhere!  Then, I had the unique opportunity of being on vacation with 120 other people who came to this destination wedding.  I got to go into campers and hotel rooms and EVERY ONE that I went into had at least one book beside their bed.  It got me thinking…  I know that I read 2 adult books, 7 children’s books and a few picture books on my trip, but I’m not sure anyone but my husband actually SAW me reading.  On holidays, I tend to read at night when I’m winding down from the day or in the morning before I go out.  I read in the car when going from place to place.  So, maybe it is not surprising that we don’t SEE people reading on holidays.  However, if I ran into John Schu on holidays, I’m pretty sure I would see him reading!  Check out how he does reading on holidays here.

So, what are your holiday reading habits?

4 thoughts on “Where are all the readers? (Part deux)

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  2. Jamie,
    You have very valid points! I agree with you that many people must be squirreling away time reading when not in public. However, I dropped my son’s friend off at the airport, and I saw all sorts of reading (from traditional hard cover books, e-reading, ipad and ipod reading, and computer reading). Once we don’t see any reading anywhere, we all need to buckle up and get ready for the end of the world!

  3. I have never really thought about modeling reading for others that way. Very interesting little experiment. Others may not have seen you reading but it sounds like you got a lot in, I hope you enjoyed it!