My #bookaday Update ~ Week 6 (part II)

So, I accidentally published my Week 6 update that was supposed to be a draft copy.  I guess I will continue on in a part II post of the week.

Thursday, August 5th ~ “The Day Mom Finally Snap-ped” by Bob Temple

05 - The day mom finally snapped

Yet another graphic novel, this book made me laugh out loud several times during its short 33 pages.  This is the story of three children who mean well, but succeed poorly at making mom’s day special.  The illustrations are colourful and cartoonish.  Aside from the graphic novel, the book provides a cast of characters, biographical information about the author and illustrator, a glossary, interested facts about chocolate chip cookies, discussion questions, writing prompts, and finally directs the children to a kid-safe website where they can search any topic they like, but if they enter the ISBN number of the book, it will provide the students with websites related to topics in the book.  This is such a neat book and very funny.  There are several other books in this series that I might just have to find.  I loved this book!


Friday, August 6th ~ 3 books in the “Si j’étais…”  series, by Isabelle and Christophe Loupy, each 16 pages

06 - un chat  06 - un clown  06 - un dauphin

 This series of books is neat for kids who like drawing or creating pictures.  The premise of these books is that they all start with a white smiley face and with the cat, clown or dolphin.  Each page adds one element to the drawing while using words to describe the picture.  They are great examples of using descriptive language.  I would use this series as a basis for a writing assignment about using descriptive language.  The only drawback to using these books as examples of “good writing” in the area of descriptive vocabulary is that they are not examples of good sentences.  The entire book is written as one complete sentence.  So, if it was written out all in a row, it would be one heck of a run-on sentence!  Cute, none-the-less!


 Saturday, August 7 (Book 1) ~ “See Saw Saskatchewan” by Robert Heidbreder, 32 pages

07 - See Saw Saskatchewan

This is a book of Canadian poetry for kids.  I quite liked these short poems and some were quite funny.  However, this is NOT a book that I would share in the classroom like I had hoped.  There are quite a few poems that, although I think they would be funny sharing one on one with my own child, I would not feel comfortable sharing them in the classroom with other people’s children: “underpants flying off”  “barenaked runs”  “forget those clothes when swimming”.  All these things make me wonder about the author’s obsession with the lack of clothing…  Anyway, I’m not going to be putting this one into my classroom library.


Saturday, August 7th (Book 2) ~ “Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins, 391 pages

07 - Catching Fire

Now, I might get a little backlash on this one, but this book was a little disappointing to me.  I absolutely LOVED “The Hunger Games” but this one was slow to me.  I really enjoyed part III of this book.  However, the first two parts seemed slow to me.  I have never really been one for a lot of backstory and description which this book seemed to be.  I’m not saying that I didn’t like this book, because I did like it.  It just wasn’t as WOW as the first one.  I think that perhaps I shouldn’t have read them back-to-back either.  In any case, I am still really looking forward to Mockingjay.


Sunday, August 8th ~ “Sur mon île” by Marie-Louise Gay, 37 pages

08 - sur mon ile

This book is very neat visually, even though the story leaves something to be desired.  There is lots of imagery and the story is written in a very visually pleasing manner.  I don’t have a whole lot to say about this one.  It wasn’t terrible, and it wasn’t great.  I won’t be running out to buy this one.

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