Ideas please…

Well, I need your help.  I’ve gone into my room 4 times this week and each day I have walked out with no more ideas than when I walked into my room.  What do I need help with?  How to set up the desks in my room…  The layout of my room is not ideal, however it is what it is and I can’t change much of it.  I can’t move anything on the diagram below.  In the room I have to fit 26 student desks, a prayer table, a hexagonal shaped table that can be broken into two halves and three small bookshelves (that fit under the height of the word wall board).  I would love to have a reading corner, but I’m not sure I have room.  I also want to make sure that my students can see the whiteboard and the SMARTBoard.  HELP!!!  Does anyone have any ideas?  I would appreciate all suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Ideas please…

  1. I was actually going to suggest the same spot for the reading corner. Get rid of the teacher desk? I got rid of mine 3 years ago and it helps me not have another space to mess up. (unless you use it for small group instruction). If your desk is used for small groups, can you place it in front of the word wall – kids will still be able to go behind the desk to take words off the wall if needed – or you can condense the word wall a bit and have the space behind your small group table be things that you do in GR….?

    Also, do you need a desk for each kid? If you can get away with pods of less desks (turn them around so they can’t store things in it) and have it as a choice location for kids to work….. They can keep books in cubbies, or a central space.

    The prayer table could go right next to the door (whichever side the door doesn’t open) – focal point sort of when you walk in the room.

    Do you have a carpet? It is probably the most important space in my room… Kids are there for everything (including smart board, readaloud, shared reading/writing…. everything)

    What are the hexagon tables for? Writing centre?

    Can the computers be pushed down to be flush to the cubbies? They seem to be taking up a lot of space.