How I “Survived” the First Week

This weekend, I came across a blog post that really touched me.  I kept it open in my browser all weekend, reading it and rereading it.  I knew that I wanted to respond or comment in some way, but wasn’t sure how.  You can read “No, I Didn’t Survive…” here.  After much reflection, I decided to write my own blog post instead of just a comment.  Here is what I thrived through, and “survived” the first 7 days of school:

  • Students exclaiming how I have such cool books in my classroom library and literally squealing with glee when I told them that they could take the books home to read.
  • Students begging me to hand out their Reader’s Notebooks so that they can start tracking their reading.
  • Students reminding me that I forgot to give them an H (hand shake, high five or hug) on the way out of the classroom.
  • Students who were so proud to show their parents how to use the SMARTBoard during parent night.
  • A student on behaviour contract being able to identify his negative behaviour one day, then stop himself from doing it the next day, beaming with pride.
  • A student from last year’s class who cried the first day of school because he was “so bad at math” telling me that he loves grade 4 because he “gets to do math every day, like in grade 3!”
  • A parent thanking me after “Meet the Teacher” for my obvious love and commitment to the students in my class, then later posting on Facebook that she wished she was back in grade 3!
  • 25 students going out of their way to welcome and help 2 students who are new to our school and our class.
  • Students laughing out loud while I was reading “Flat Stanley” out loud to them.
  • Having a lively class discussion about which books were better than their movie adaptations and vice versa.

I think that I survived pretty well.  How did you survive?

3 thoughts on “How I “Survived” the First Week

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  2. What a beautiful and touching post. I am not, myself, a teacher, but a few of my friends are and I know how encouraged you get by behavior and happenings such as these.