K-5 Technology Lessons

I was reading my Google Reader this evening and came across a website that has listed computer, technology,  and word processing lessons for each level from K-5.  This website, seen here, lays out lessons from turning computers on and off in kindergarten to Internet Safety in grade 3 to creating and publishing an independent multi-media project in grade 5.  The lessons incorporate language arts components such as proper capitalization and punctuation, writing and formating a friendly letter and creating a proper bibliography.  They also incorporate math concepts such as data collection, addition, averages, and graphing.  It seems like a great layout that brings children along, right from the beginning of their school experience, to appropriate and effective integrated use of computers and some other technologies.

I got to thinking if this was possible at my school.  We do not have a computer lab, as such.  Instead, we have four computers per classroom and one class set of laptop computers.  They are working on the wireless access for the laptops.  They need to be able to connect to our system wirelessly for the students to log in.  It is spotty right now and it often connects and cuts out in my classroom.  I do not think that I would be able to teach these lessons with this school set-up unless I did a group lesson using my SMART Board and then rotated the students through the four stand-alones while the rest of the class is doing other things.  However, I am the only teacher from K-5 that has a SB in their room.

I absolutely think that it would be valuable to have a set of lessons laid out like this.  Since each classroom teacher is responsible for teaching computer and technology in their own room without any direct curriculum, it would help guide those who feel like they, themselves, lack knowledge. It would also help to ensure that the students develop knowledge each year from K-5 so that they go into the middle years with a solid set of skils.

How would you go about ensuring that students learn some of these skills?  Do you like the idea of a set of lessons laid out or not?  How would you suggest teaching these skills to younger students without access to a computer lab?

One thought on “K-5 Technology Lessons

  1. I did the same thing, when I taught in a second grade classroom I had no IWB and 2 old classroom computers. I made these a center every week in my classroom and rotated students through the center so that every student got to use the computers every week. They learned basic computer skills as well as had another method of learning or practicing whatever else we were doing in the classroom.