A classroom fairy tale

We read some fairy tales. We identified what makes a fairy tale. Then we wrote one together using the SMARTBoard. This is the first collaborative writing project that I have done using the SB, editing using the tools provided, moving things around, using different colours for different sentences… It was a great run of lessons. Following this post is the final project. Next, they will be writing their own!

The Magic Genie
by Mme Forrest’s grade 3s 2009/2010

Once upon a time in an elementary school, there was a poor school-girl named Jane. She worked so hard but her teacher was never satisfied. Mr. Carroll yelled at Jane to do everybody’s homework every night. Jane was feeling very sad as she was filing Mr. Carroll’s papers when suddenly, BAM! A genie appeared from the filing cabinet.
Jane was scared, but she asked the genie to make Mr. Carroll nicer. The genie gave Jane a pencil to weaken the teacher. When Mr. Carroll took the pencil, his knees gave out and he fell into the fishpond with a huge SPLASH! Instead of becoming nice, he just yelled at Jane to clean up the mess!
After she cleaned up the pond, Jane went back to the genie. The genie gave her an apple to paralyze the teacher. Jane put the apple on Mr. Carroll’s desk before she went out for recess. Mr. Carroll was hungry, saw the apple and took a big bite. When he crunched his first bite, he froze. Jane came back from recess to discover that her plan had backfired. She ended up having to do all of Mr. Carroll’s work!
Frustrated and exhausted, Jane went back to see the Genie for the last time. The genie gave Jane a magic book and guaranteed that it would work. Jane read the magic book to Mr. Carroll and the spell unfroze him and gave him all the answers in the world. Knowing the answers made Mr. Carroll’s job a snap!
Now that Mr. Carroll’s job is easy, he no longer yells at Jane or makes her work so hard. So Jane, Mr. Carroll, and the rest of the class lived happily ever after!